Funeral Services Hillside / Westchester / Chicago Areas

Russo's Hillside Chapels in Hillside, Illinois is a full service Funeral Home facility. Our services include funerals, memorials, cremations, transportation, burials, gravestones and related services. We are a family owned and operated business and provide caring, detailed, and personalized service to each family we have the honor of working with. When arrangements are being made our qualified staff will assist you with any questions you may have. Many types of arrangements can be made to satisfy your expectations. The following are basic descriptions of funeral services that we offer:

ts Traditional Service
A night before visitation with a funeral service the next day at our funeral home, church, etc.
svf Single-Day Visitation
Visitation and funeral service all in the same day.

ms Memorial Service
Any type of visitation or funeral service in which the deceased physical body is not present (for example; due to previous cremation or interment).

Graveside Service
Family and friends meet at the cemetery for the service.


Additional Services We Offer:


  Traditional Service with Cremation
A night before visitation with a funeral service the next day at our funeral home, church, etc.
ib Immediate Burial
Arrangements are made for immediate burial.

dc Direct Cremation
No funeral services. Cremated remains are returned to the family.
m Monuments
A monument or memorial that you purchase through your funeral director, someone you know or trust, helps to insure that you will be happy with all aspects of the process.

We understand that every family is unique in their own special way and may want to honor their loved one in a more personalized manner.

We encourage families' to bring in memorabilia (such as: pictures, awards, golf clubs, musical instruments, gardening tools, etc.) or anything else they feel would be a fitting tribute.

However, we understand that coping with a death is difficult and spending time with those who are closest to you is what is important. In this case, please feel free to bring in pictures and let us do the work. We offer a professionally made Memorial DVD Slideshow (with music of your choice) that can be displayed during visitation and/or at your home.

Other options:

  • Limousine rental
  • Motorcycle escort
  • Laminated Obituaries
  • Floral Tributes
  • Engraving on an existing monument
  • Suits & Gowns
  • A variety of free literature dealing with death & dying for adults and children.
  • Also, information about Medicare, Medicaid, social security, and insurance.